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Control Valve Development
- Sep 12, 2018 -

1. Small actuators: reduce costs and improve circulation.

2. Sleeve guide: sleeve guide, which is conducive to centering, helps to reduce friction, is conducive to noise reduction, and facilitates the exchange of flow characteristics.

3.Balanced spool: To reduce actuator thrust or thrust, it is important to use a balanced spool that improves the dynamic performance of the system.

4. Integrated valve core and valve seat: In order to overcome the shortcoming of poor sealing performance of the double seat valve, the integrated valve core and valve seat of the same material are used to form the valve inner part, so that the leakage amount and the unbalance force are simultaneously minimized.

5. Simple flow path: the flow path is simple, and the flow resistance is reduced, which not only reduces the pressure loss at both ends of the valve, but also reduces the cost.

6. Sealing and friction: sealing performance and friction performance are contradictory aspects. In the design of control valve, not only the sealing problem must be solved, but also the performance indexes such as friction and life must be paid attention to. Therefore, research on stuffing box and packing structure has been paid attention to, and rotary control Valves are widely used

7. Reduce noise: Reduce control valve noise in a variety of ways, such as noise reduction sleeves and spools, multi-stage spools, noise reduction and current limiting plates, expanders, etc.

8. The control valve with the same diameter as the pipe and the valve fitting with the restricted flow capacity: it is beneficial to reduce the valve inlet pressure and the outlet fluid flow rate, and it is not necessary to install additional pipe fittings such as the reducer pipe, which is beneficial to reduce the cost and replace the valve with large circulation capacity. Piece, expandable circulation capacity, can correct the calculation of excessive caliber error by selecting the valve body with limited circulation capacity

9. In the era of digital informationization, more intelligent valve positioners or digital controllers will be used to achieve nonlinear laws to compensate for the nonlinearity of the controlled object. The control valve flow characteristics will be less used to compensate the nonlinearity of the controlled object.

10. The material of the trim varies with temperature. Therefore, the effects of thermal expansion at different temperatures should be considered. Also, changes in the withstand voltage level at high temperatures should be considered. The corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance of the material should be considered.