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Control Valve Characteristics
- Sep 12, 2018 -

1. There are different types of control valves, and their application is different. Therefore, the type of control valve should be properly selected according to the requirements of the process.

2. Pneumatic control valves are divided into two categories: gas opening and gas closing. The gas-opening control valve is closed in the event of a fault and the gas-closed control valve is opened in the event of a fault. Some auxiliary equipment can be used to form the retaining valve or to make the control valve self-locking, that is, the valve opening before the control valve remains faulty in case of failure

3. The method of gas opening and gas closing can be realized by the combination of positive and negative actuators and the combination of positive and negative valves. When using the valve positioner, it can also be realized by the valve positioner.

4. Various control valves have different structures and each has its own characteristics.